Health and Safety - The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket

Health and Safety


Health and Safety


We are SHA Plus Hotel

The Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration has given the Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket SHA Plus certification, confirming our adherence to all current safety procedures and rules.

We can accept bookings from fully vaccinated travelers from all over the world and provide them with lodging and a comprehensive variety of services as one of the SHA + hotels in Phuket. During these challenging times, there’s no need to compromise on the quality of your accommodation.


A SHA Plus Hotel in Phuket Explained

A hotel must meet all of the conditions set forth by the Safety and Health Administration in order to achieve SHA Plus certification. These prerequisites are as follows:

  • Vaccination Rate of 70% or More – At least 70% of hotel employees must be completely vaccinated. In many situations, every employee at a SHA + hotel in Thailand is fully vaccinated, however a minimum of 70% vaccination is required. If a member of staff has not yet received both vaccine injections, they will not be allocated to positions that will put them in direct contact with visitors.
  • COVID-19 Prevention Protocols — Before being approved, all hotels are inspected to ensure that they are following all of the essential cleanliness, health, and safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.