Our Beginner's Guide to Surfing in Phuket Thailand

Our Beginner’s Guide to Surfing in Phuket Thailand

March 11, 2020
The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket

Surfing is a go-to activity for thrill-seekers who want to make the most of watersport adventures, especially in sun-soaked destination spots like Phuket, Thailand. As it’s the biggest island in the Land of Smiles, it’s no surprise how Phuket features beach towns that double up as a surfer’s paradise.

Expect the sparkling Andaman Sea to stretch as far as the eyes can see, wherein crashing waves offer plenty of opportunities for thrill-seekers to jump in and ride the adventure. The lush rainforests and limestone formations in the background offer breathtaking scenery during surfing routines.

Nai Harn and Surin beaches, offer waves that reach up to three meters high, making them a relaxing challenge where both rookie and seasoned surfers can enjoy this watersport.

Nonetheless, surfing is not a sport you can just pick up overnight. It takes patience and practice, so the tips below should help you get started on the right foot:

Tip #1: Don’t Learn to Surf on Your Own

Surfing may look relatively straightforward, but it isn’t an activity you should try to learn by yourself. Even if you spend your first session in unspoiled areas with calm waves, it’s in your best interest and safety to have an experienced friend or teacher act as your guide.

Challenging yourself alone will only put other surfers in the area in harm’s way. One small misstep can lead to costly consequences, so take time to search for surf schools, camps, or tours where you can ride reliable swells with other bold vacationers.

Tip #2: Understand the Purpose of Your Gear and Use a Bigger Surfboard

Another step to ensure the safety of your surfing experience as a beginner is to learn about your gear and understand how it works. With that in mind, a bigger surfboard is often recommended for beginners as it is easier to balance on compared to smaller boards.

This is because its natural gravity offers more roof to cater to the different footing, which increases the chances of keeping the board flat on the water as it reacts according to your weight.
It’s also important to face the ground swell with a surf leash as it is a safety requirement that is designed to keep surfers from being pulled down by the waves during a fall.

Tip #3: Do Some Light Exercises and Practice on Land First

Surfing is a physically intensive watersport that makes full use of different muscles in the body. Consequently, you need to engage in light exercises on land to mitigate the risk of getting cramps when you’re out and about on the Andaman Sea.

Learning how to manage the board on land will also help you to learn proper footing you need to ride the waves as smoothly as possible.

Bottom Line: What Makes Phuket the Go-To Spot for Surfing?

Phuket is a popular go-to as is it has endless options for beginners. Patong and Kata Noi beaches, for instance, offer calm waves that are perfect for those who are dipping their toes on a heart-pumping activity like surfing.

If you’re looking for a beach hotel in Phuket, get in touch with us today to book your stay!