Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

March 16, 2022
Non-Pork Serving Hotel - The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket Patong

One of the most exciting experiences to enjoy during your stay at The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket Patong is the island’s famous Weekend Night Market. Located just northeast of the Phuket Town Central market, it is the region’s biggest night market and offers a wonderful opportunity to indulge in some really affordable shopping while partaking in a wide range of delicious food.
Also known as the Naka market, or Talad Tai Rot, it attracts an immense and eclectic mix of vendors. This sprawling market opens at 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, but crowds quickly congregate and it can be difficult to find parking from around 4.30 pm. It features covered and uncovered sections, with the covered areas being helpful if you’re visiting during the rainy season. It is also cemented, so no worries about losing your footwear in mud if it’s raining. Here is why you should make a point to visit.

Product Range
If you are looking for gifts to take home, want to furnish your house or wardrobe, or just enjoy a night out, this is a fantastic attraction to visit while in Phuket. You can find everything from clothes and shoes to toys and electronics. Many of the vendors sell second-hand products too, so the pricing can be even more affordable if you are looking for bargain deals. Fashion items like clothes to handbags, shoes to perfumes are particularly plentiful.

Unique and Authentic Souvenirs
There is a wide range of souvenirs to be found at the weekend night market. Most are locally handcrafted and colourful, making for delightful presents for family and friends. Not to mention, this is a great way to memorialise your trip to the Land of Smiles. Buying these trinkets and artworks also helps to support the local businesses who set affordable prices on what are often beautiful pieces to treasure.

Food, Food and More Food
Most food vendors are to be found in the western section. Here you can grab some snacks to enjoy as you walk around the market or opt to sit down for a full meal. The cuisine is predominantly local Thai, but you can easily find continental or western standards like grilled chicken and fruit cocktails. If you are interested in a unique food experience, try the fried insects, which are a local delicacy. You can also easily buy both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to sip on as you eat or stroll through the market. This market is easily accessible from most parts of the island and an easy drive due east from The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket Patong.

Those staying at The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket Patong are only about 14 kilometres, or 27 minutes by car, to get there. Enjoy a late lunch, then visit the weekend night market, or dine after finishing the shopping trip, Salt n’ Sea Breeze Restaurant in our acclaimed non-pork serving hotel is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chefs prepare delicious authentic and flavourful local dishes, from salads and grills to spicy curries and international favourites, as well as Asian and Continental choices that include gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. As one of Phuket’s few non-pork serving hotels, The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket Patong offers the the perfect place to stay for our Muslim and Halal observant guests with a delicious array of pork-free dishes.

Immersive Cultural Experience
Many foreigners that travel to Phuket are drawn to natural attractions like the beaches and marine life. The Phuket Town Weekend Night Market provides an opportunity to indulge in some of the more cultural experiences unique to the region. Here you will find wonderful souvenirs to take home, excellent food to try, and welcoming locals happy to interact with you. Definitely an adventure to include on your bucket list while visiting Phuket. And for our Muslim visitors, when wondering where to find pork-free hotels, look no further than The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket Patong, providing a non-pork serving hotel right on stunning Patong Beach, and the perfect place to stay during your tropical island getaway.