Patong Spa Hotel - The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket







In-room spa services are available at the Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket. Want to relax, reap the advantages of massage therapy, and revel in the feeling of being pampered? Make a reservation for one of our massage packages.

Mental Benefits

Massage reduces stress level

Helps to release “feel-good” chemicals such as endorphines

Feel revitalized, relaxed and happy


Physical Benefits

Relieve muscular tension and pain

Increase mobility, flexibility and improve posture

Relieve eye strain and aching back muscles

Reduce stress and insomnia


Our Packages

Aromatherapy Oil Massage 60min/90min/120min

Aromatherapy Oil Massage is what your body needs. Experience soothing, smooth, and soft strokes. Flush out all your anxiety and let the therapeutic oil alleviate your stress. Stimulate your senses, boost your mood, and enjoy a refreshing treatment.

Thai Massage for Health 60min/90min/120min

Thai massage is a holistic full-body treatment because you begin by lying on your back, while the therapist starts at your feet using their thumbs, palms, forearms and knees. Thai Massage for Health will help stimulate blood circulation and boost your energy through targeted yoga-like movements.

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage 60min/90min/120min

The Head, Back, Shoulder & Foot massage is a treatment that focuses on specific areas in the upper body & feet. This helps to relieve tension in the muscles, stimulates the nerves, improve blood circulation, restore comfort and alleviate any discomfort in this typically tense area.

Facial Acupressure and Head Massage 60min/90min/120min

A Facial and Head massage helps to decrease any puffiness in the skin, release any muscle tension and give your face that glow it deserves. Enjoy Facial and Head Massage to relieve your stress and feel reinvigorated.

Massage to Relieve Office Syndrome 60min/90min/120min

Begin the healing journey that your body needs. Receive Office Syndrome Massage that helps relieve tension from your back, neck, and shoulders. You’ve been working hard, allow our skilled therapists to help relieve your pain and discomfort from sitting in that office chair.