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Your 4-Step Guide to Planning a Group Vacation

April 12, 2020
The Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket

Patong Beach is a fantastic destination for a group vacation. This lively resort offers an incredible experience, especially if it’s shared with friends and loved ones. The difficulty usually lies in getting everyone together and organized for the trip.

Aligning everyone’s schedules, making preparations and executing plans can be difficult when there is a large group of people. Having no prior information about Patong Beach can also make it more challenging to persuade friends and family to come along, some prior knowledge is necessary and helpful in ensuring a smooth and fun experience.

Thankfully, with a little structure in your planning, you can have a successful trip. Here are four simple steps to success when organizing a group vacation to Patong Beach.

STEP 1 – Give some tentative dates

Merely saying that you’re going to Patong Beach won’t be enough to cement your plans, you will have to set a date for when you’re planning to go. Rather than ask when everyone is free, it’s always best to give some date ranges that people can choose from. This way, choices are limited and easier to make a selection.

Be considerate and give dates that are at least a couple of months away—this way, everyone will have enough time to prepare. If planning very early, be sure to remind everyone at least a month in advance about the trip, lest they forget!

STEP 2 – Book your accommodation

For group vacations, there are two approaches you can consider when booking accommodation: book for the entire group or self-booking. While many groups of friends leave the logistics up to one person, others may prefer to stay in a particular area or their own private rooms. These preferences can be more expensive and time-consuming for the person booking, so make it clear from the onset which option you prefer.

STEP 3 – Set a tentative itinerary

Setting a daily itinerary beforehand might appear to be a bit extreme, but adding that sense of structure should help once your trip begins. This will give your group a chance to discuss what each person wants to do or if there are any special requests for activities or sightseeing to prepare for.

Leave room for last-minute changes as well—booking schedules down to the minute for your activities can cause burn out and lead to a stressful vacation. It’s always good to allot at least one free day so that your group can enjoy time alone away from each other if they wish to.

STEP 4 – Take note of special requests

A necessary part of planning is to ask for everyone’s special requests during the trip. Find out in advance where the group would like to go or what they want to do, also ask if they have dietary restrictions or scheduling restraints. This way, everyone can be included in the plans as much as possible and everyone can enjoy the experience.


Planning a group trip to Patong Beach can be an incredibly challenging experience, but taking things one step at a time will help to make it manageable. By following the basic steps of this guide, you can start planning with a clear head to ensure you have an enjoyable beach vacation.

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